You know you have a smart oilfield when…

Petroleum Development Oman (66%) / Shell (34%) Joint Venture adoption of IHS CERA’s 2003 study’s recommendations for a Smart Oilfield and a connected field has enabled them to deploy technologies that:

  • Increased a mature oilfield’s production by 100K barrels/day. At $90/barrel this is $3.2 Billion/year in additional revenue.
  • Reduced drilling time from 39 to 14 days ($40K/day savings = $1M per drill saved). Saved $5M per-well cost (includes drilling and completions).

The cost of a connected field to one year of savings and revenue increase: less than 1%. Perhaps a smart oilfield is better than simply making educated guesses to increase reservoir pressure via water injection?

Redline’s Connected Field for PDO/Shell Joint Venture – This mature 45,000 sqr km brownfield contains:

  • 6600 broadband connection points
  • 52 base stations
  • 13 Gbps total capacity
  • 130,000 end devices

Source: CommTech West, Redline Seminar, Calgary, AB, May 28, 2014.

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