At AFC we’d rather focus on solving problems and building trust than skills. But we do bring skills to the table. The AFC Capability Matrix better explains these skills.

Work style
– Working Flexibility
– Adjunct labor
– Remote work
– Pay-as-you-go charge model.
– No cost to customer to provide space or tools.
– Flexible resource availability.
– Contractually, there is no guarantee for customer to provide work. 
– The contract protects the relationship and sets out working expectations.
-All staff are a D4 on the Hersey-Blanchard Situational Leadership Model with high competence and high commitment.
-Fully functioning remote offices.
Project Management / Program Management
– Manage projects from business case
– Manage offshore development of software/hardware for projects
– Project charter
– Project management plan through execution and closing
– Project Management Office (PMO) standardization and adaptation of common tools and practices
– Program Portfolio Management
– Staff are PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) certified.
– Manage concurrent projects – 10-50 at once.
– Manage projects with software (Microsoft Project) and without (Spreadsheet)
– Manage projects with and without Earned Value Management.
– Managed projects in construction, telecommunication, oil & gas and legal industries.
– Includes management of a project management office (PMO).
– Extensive documentation kept to document all processes and operational information for project or business; this includes document management with revision history and ensuring that all this information is kept in a single location for easy retrieval.  
Business Analysis
– Identify business needs
– Find solutions to problems
– Facilitate process improvement
– Data Modeling & System Mapping
– Write business cases
– Analyse business needs and write business cases.
– Assessment of current practices with identification of improvements/enhancements to improve metrics.
– Create standards and processes to solve business pain points.
Business Development Support– Develop strategy
– Sales support
– Marketing support
– Establishing metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs)  
Process Improvement & Business Optimization– Identify processes significantly impacting operational or project efficiency and facilitate a team of professionals to develop solutions acceptable to stakeholders.
– Help process be adopted by entire firms if needed.
– Merger / Acquisition process assessment (as-is) and adaption of new standards (to-be) through integration of tools, processes and training.
– Automate tasks via process creation and software
– Includes use of Low Code Development
– Develop a data structure that can be easily pulled into a dashboard to facilitate business decisions, reduce labor, improve time to produce deliverables.
– Take processes designed on flat spreadsheets and convert to relational database design and modern UI to improve reporting, task productivity and task collaboration. Low Code Platform

Experience Includes: QuickBase, TrackVia, SharePoint, Microsoft Power Platform, OutSystems
Information Technology (IT)
– Software
– Computers (Servers/Desktops)
– Data Centres
– Staff have experience in all areas of IT including architecture and security (GSEC certified).
– Software experience in desktop and enterprise tools (including ERP).
– Writing contracts
– Reviewing and analysing contracts for issues
– Negotiating contracts
– Developed engineering and collocation contracts.
– Regularly reviewed/analysed customer contracts for changes and flag problematic clauses.
– Partially automated review/analysis of contracts with software.  

Note: this is not legal advice, all contracts will need to be reviewed by a board-certified lawyer.
Accounting / Bookkeeping
– Budgeting
– Income Statements
– Balance Sheets
– Accounts Payable
– AFE Approvals
– Accruals
– Capital Management Program
– Budget, Forecast and Capital Lookback
– Invoicing
– We can develop and maintain income statements and balance sheets.
– Staff are familiar with and able to execute most basic accounting skills.
– Process assessment for various accounting groups on how data/information flows within a group to identify areas where efficiencies can make a positive financial impact.   

Note: Staff currently has no accounting designation.  
Human Resources– Develop policies and procedures
– Recruit staff
– Manage large program resource model and onboarding
– Development of Training
Conceptual Design / Feasibility Study (Engineering)– We have Flex-Consultants with an engineering background. This means we can complete initial conceptual design / feasibility study in order to develop a business case. The business case can be then used to create a budget and conduct an invitation to bid (ITB) for Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) companies.  

Note: AFC staff do not provide finalized engineering designs complete with professional engineer’s stamp. AFC simply reduces the cost by doing the upfront work.    
A full capability matrix, which includes working examples, is available and provide upon request.

Global Payments Network

After an extensive review of Global Payments Providers in early 2018, AFC started using Veem. Learn more about Veem by clicking here.