Professional business and technical services as it should be: No middlemen. No hidden or up-front costs. No continuing payroll/retainer obligation. AnySkill on-call for when your business needs us. Serving businesses globally.  

Short list of skills available from our staff members: Project Management (PMP®) | Business Analysis | Automation via Low-Code Development (B.SC. Computer Science) | Business Development | Legal | Accounting/Bookkeeping | Human Resources | Engineering | +more

Operating since 2014, AFC is a company helping businesses access skills they normally would not have access to without any ongoing financial burden. At the most basic level we are partners of our business clients working to ensure they have whatever they need to be successful. To do this we work hard to build trust, no matter the result to AnySkill. We live the reality that trust is earned not given.

What skills does AFC offer? Our Flex-Consultants have a swiss-army knife set of skills. We are not shy when facing the unknown: We have many examples of taking a need from zero to completion. We frequently hear from our clients that they are able to access business and execute on projects they otherwise would not have been able to. There are some skills AFC brings to the table immediately. To learn more about these skills please click here to access the AFC Capability Matrix.

“You guys are like business super-heroes that can do it all.” was said of AFC by a prospective client/partner. This was after a video call in which AFC’s capabilities were shared in response to targeted questions and additionally screen sharing concrete examples to back up each referred skill. Concrete examples are important because AFC works to address all four core values of trust: Integrity, Intent, Capability and Results. AFC demonstrates integrity and intent by backing up our clients – no matter what.

AFC staff are globally insured and able to help businesses anywhere. Over 50% of our business clients are International.

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AnySkill Flex-Consulting Business Model

We have a simple but unique business model. In fact, we feel we’re inventing a new form of staff:

  • Not an employee.
  • Not a Consultant.
  • Not a freelancer.

A Flexible Consultant (Flex-Consultant).

We’ve simultaneously enabled small businesses to access a large corporation’s matrix ability to form virtual teams and enabled people who are advanced in their career to go to the next level with respect to a rewarding career and an excellent quality of life. AnySkill has a dual business model that both enables small businesses and individuals enabled by AnySkill to become Flex-Consultants. It’s a win-win and win-win is what we’re all about.

How We Start

We start by discussing the client’s business challenges and if AFC might be a good fit. We then sign an NDA or skip right to a contract which contains all the protections of an NDA. AFC does not start billing until the client asks us to do some work. Between the initial discussion and contract signing, AFC and the client are already working on trust. If at any point the situation is not working to our client’s advantage we make a recommendation to our client to stop. It’s that simple.