Article: IT Should Stop Trying to ‘Surprise and Delight’

As BAs / Architects, I think we see this a lot. Personally, it makes me sad, because I know there are many more efforts of higher value if only we didn’t focus on trying to “Surprise and Delight”.  Summary points: 1) Organizations Should Seek to Meet Customer Service Expectations, Not Exceed Them. 2) Low Customer Effort is the Key to Meeting Service Expectations.

What is Business Analysis?

Project Managers and Business Analysts have roles that blur together and are often confusing. So what is it that a BA does?

“…a Project Manager will deliver, on time, on budget and in scope, the perfect set of concrete shoes; but without a Project Manager, a Business Analyst might never deliver at all. … If [an] outcome doesn’t provide value for an organization we have concrete shoes. And here is our sweet spot for business analysis as a discipline. Yes I said discipline. It is time to stop thinking about business analysis as a role, title or profession. Business analysis is a disciplined way of approaching any decision so as to provide value to further an organization’s objectives. The objectives of an organization are fulfilled through its strategy. …”!/2013/09/the-future-is-no-more-uncertain-than.html

Flutter: A possible alternative for wireless sensory networks (telemetry)

Range 1km (expected to be somewhat higher in future versions), low powered (DC battery), open-source, 600 kbps, 900Mhz unlicensed band. Project status: not yet ready for professional applications (KickStarter / hobby market). Competes with ZigBee (802.15.4) & augments WiFi (802.11) to enable the “internet of things”. In an oil & gas field application, a mesh system would need to be setup. This is preferred regardless in order to increase uptime. It is open-source, so conceivably the cost of such a system would be orders of magnitude less than current commercialized systems. I would expect that service companies would modify the code and make a branded version to augment their existing product suite. Special care would need to be taken for the oil & gas industry to minimize maintenance costs (labour being a key factor for oil & gas) and to enable installation in harsh environments.

The Economics of Directly Giving Poor People Money

Giving poor people money directly appears to work. This is counter to who we who are in the first world think however. This article discusses what the people do with the money; things such as starting a business or investing in a roof that has lower total cost of ownership. If this method of charity works, what does it say about the brick and mortar charities?

They Know You

Planet Money Podcast “They Know You”

Behavioral economics & behavioral finance; these things have taught me more about people and the world than my psychology class ever did! As credit card companies analyze us to get their money back they learn interesting things about our behaviour. And they know that “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”