Why Oil and Gas companies should consider a different strategy for their telecommunications.

An article of mine was published in Tait Connection magazine.  In it I argue that treating communications as a utility can translate to better business efficiency and big savings.

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“Tait Communications is a multinational radio communications company with headquarters based in Christchurch, New Zealand. The company has offices in 17 countries and employs 869 staff (2011).”





Review of TED talk “How Will You Measure Your Life?” by Clay Christensen

Clay explains that why companies & individuals fail is that we are predisposed to focus on activities that provide an immediate/tangible evidence of achievement. In this way activities that do not pay off for years or decades in the future are neglected. That is, there is no investment for the long term.

Clay suggests that instead of being measured by an aggregate measure (e.g. big pools of money), at our death, we will be measured on our impact on others. Choosing the right measure is important. Our actions are influenced by the measure we choose.

For a corporation, I interpret this as companies that invest enable sustained, positive long term growth. Their investors and employees experience symptoms of safe & nurturing environments (e.g. dividend growth for their personal financial situation, positive workplace where innovation is rewarded).

This is in contrast to the high pressure cooker “meet today’s targets to bolster today’s stock price” environment. Symptoms of this situation are constant stress and a feeling that you’ve missed an opportunity to contribute meaningfully.


Income inequality – it’s not about you!

It’s about “us” as in the global “us”. Not Canada. Not the USA. Even the poorest North American is in the top 20%. Being in this category means that magnitude changes are small. We’re on top already after all. How will the rest of the globe being better off make all of us better off? That’s the real story. NPR Planet Money provides a picture of what is happening with global incomes:


BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill incident offers a learning opportunity for the Industry

Oil & Gas faces cultural difficulties. This article is from a key executive from the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill incident (the Macondo blow-out) in which he explains the problem and offers solution insights. A few key takeaways: 1. Leadership. 2. Tie consequences directly to the decision maker.