Podcast: Delicious Cake Futures

This podcast is an excellent example of how collective human psychology can take down the global financial system. From a school lunch room we hear an eerily similar story to that of Tulipomania; widely considered the first economic bubble in 1637 when a single tulip bulb sold for +10x the annual income of a skilled craftsman.


Internet for the O5B

The fight for the other 5 billion escalates … The other 5 billion being the folks who lack affordable internet connectivity (2nd/3rd world – this is a long term investment obviously).  Google has “project loon” which will launch balloons to deliver internet. Facebook just made an acquisition to support their investment in the Internet.org initiative. The acquisition will deliver flying drones with a 5 year continuous-flight capability. These drones fly in unregulated airspace (just climbing high enough to foil regulators) – a very low earth orbit satellite if you will. Another excellent example showing that internet is critical utility infrastructure and showing how the 1st world can provide “a leg up” to the 2nd/3rd world countries by using technology advancements.