The Common Denominator of Success

“… the secret of success of every man who has ever been successful — lies in the fact that he formed the habit of doing things that failures don’t like to do.” – Albert E.N. Gray; Mr Gray adds further detail in his 1940 major address at the National Association of Life Underwriters annual convention:

Delicious Cake Futures

This podcast is an excellent example of how collective human psychology can take down the global financial system. From a school lunch room we here an eerily similar story to that of Tulipomania; widely considered the first economic bubble in 1637 when a single tulip bulb sold for +10x the annual income of a skilled craftsman.

Flutter: A possible alternative for wireless sensory networks (telemetry)

Range 1km (expected to be somewhat higher in future versions), low powered (DC battery), open-source, 600 kbps, 900Mhz unlicensed band. Project status: not yet ready for professional applications (KickStarter / hobby market). Competes with ZigBee (802.15.4) & augments WiFi (802.11) to enable the “internet of things”. In an oil & gas field application, a mesh system would need to be setup. This is preferred regardless in order to increase uptime. It is open-source, so conceivably the cost of such a system would be orders of magnitude less than current commercialized systems. I would expect that service companies would modify the code and make a branded version to augment their existing product suite. Special care would need to be taken for the oil & gas industry to minimize maintenance costs (labour being a key factor for oil & gas) and to enable installation in harsh environments.